Porsche entered the Indian automobile market in the year 2003, through its official agent organization called Shreyans Motors Private Limited. Initially, they were offering their sports cars and the SUV in the super premium car segment. In India they have decided to start on a very small scale. However, they are of the opinion that the market potential of India is immense. They believe that at this point of time they would not be thinking of any specific sales percentage or numbers, rather they would be concentrating on building a place for them in the Indian market.

Mainly, because of the fact that Porsche cars are highly expensive and their price range in India starts from 47 lakh and above.Their target customers will be from the higher strata of the Indian society. Thus this will reduce their market options to a certain level. According, to Amaury La Fontana, Marketing Manager, Porsche Middle East and Africa, they will mostly be focusing on the sale of Cayenne among all the other models launched in India. They are of the opinion that seventy five percent of their sales will be from Cayenne. The other models of cars will be Boxster, Cayman, 911 and Cayenne.
The Company Porsche SG was established in the year 1931by Ferdinand Porsche. He is also credited with the manufacture of the first Volkswagen. In the year 1948, Porsche came out with their first sports car. It was incidentally also called Porsche.

Porsche India has two importing centers, one in New Delhi and the other in Mumbai. They are also looking forward to open dealerships in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. They are also planning to open Porsche Centers in both the cities where the importing companies are located. The Cayenne, on which the Porsche is banking so much on, is priced at Rs 73 lakh for its entry level model. And the top end Cayenne Turbo will be priced at Rs 83 lakh.

They are of the opinion that Porsche is perfect for Indian roads and climatic conditions. Moreover they will also suit the Indian lifestyle perfectly.