Nissan Motors

Nissan Motor Company Ltd. is a Japanese car manufacturer. It was established on December 26, 1933. It is the second largest automobile manufacturing company of Japan, popularly known as "Nissan". Nissan Motors are of the opinion that India has a huge market potential and that the economy is growing at a tremendous rate. They believe that India is a market of opportunities and growth. They are of the opinion that their investment in India will help in the growth of the company. They are also planning to open manufacturing units in India.

They believe that India is strategically very important for them. And the company's future growth is a lot dependent on the outcome of their investment in India. They have immense expectation from the Indian market. They have bigger plans in the future for India. And setting up manufacturing units and initial investment is just the starting point of the bigger picture.Nissan Motors India Pvt Ltd. is the Indian division of Nissan Motors. They deal with all the aspects of automobile manufacture. That would include import (presently, later it might be manufacturing), spare parts, sales, after sales, marketing, distribution etc.

Nissan Motors India has car dealerships outlets in places like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Secunderabad and Chennai. Nissan Motors India has started their operations in India with the launch of new X-Trail. This particular model is very popular throughout the world. They have been very successful throughout. Moreover Nissan has been able to complete its revival plan according to its planning and timing. Infact, they had actually completed their project a year ahead. This makes it even easier for them to concentrate better on the India market and work accordingly.

The new X-Trail has been launched in two different variants in India. It's a very powerful SUV. It's has four wheel drive system. It has the 4x4 ALL MODE systems as well. Hence, driving the new Nissan X-Trail will be a treat for everybody.