Car Models

As a means of conveyance and communication, cars have become probably one of the more popular means around the world. And to accommodate all kind of needs and specifications, different Car Models have been introduced. From small passenger cars to compact cars, mid-sized cars to full size and sports cars, from sports utility vehicles and convertibles to mini vans and luxury cars, there are a range and variety of choices as far as new car models 2008 are concerned.Small Passenger Cars are the ones that have four or five door and are designed as such to seat four passengers comfortably.

Latest car models :

  • Some of the latest car models in different car segments are discussed here. Usually, 4000 mm long some of the popular small cars of this category are Ford Fiesta, Fiat Uno, Maruti 800, Nissan Mirca, Hudai Santro and the like.
  • Compact Car models refer to the cars usually of 4250-4500 mm with the engine capacity between 1.6 liters to 2.2 liters. Such cars can accommodate about five adult passengers and are quite popular all around the world. The leading names in the segment include Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Tata Indica, Ambassador, Toyota Corolla, Maruti Swift and others.
  • Mid sized cars usually have six cylinder powerful engines. The specifications though vary from region to region with Europe being particular on a length of 4700 mm while in the US and Canada, it is more than 4800 mm long. While in Europe such cars are called "Large Family Cars", in Australia they are termed as "Mid Sized Cars." The popular names in this category of cars include Ford Monedo, Indigo, Hyundai Accent, Maruti Esteem, Opel Astra, Ford Ikon and few others.
  • Full size or large cars are the ones with a length ranging in excess of 5000 mm. Such cars provide for ample space and accommodate usually five or six adults comfortably. Cars like Chrysler 300, Maruti Baleno, Toyota Avalon belong to this class of car. Sleek looking and lightweight cars often used for car racing and sporting purposes are the sports cars. Lotus Elise, Porsche 911, Mazda Miata are the renowned sports cars.

In keeping with the changing times, expectations and needs of the consumers, the automobile companies are coming up with variety and newer feature on cars. And one thus can hope to witness even newer auto models on Indian roads in not so distant future.

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List of Car Manufacturers

Porsche Mahindra & Mahindra Audi India BMW India
Hindustan Motors Hyundai Motors Honda India Reva
Nissan Motors Skoda Auto India Tata Motors Toyota India
Fiat India Ford Motors Fiat India Maruti India
General Motors