Mid Sized Cars in India

One of the factors that have characterized the impressive growth of Indian automobile market has been the dramatic and positive changes that have earmarked the Indian car landscape. From old Ambys to a range, color and design of Marutis, Opels, Tatas, Hyundais and Toyotas, the Indian car market is surely something to watch on. And here too, the growth of the mid sized cars and the plethora of opportunities in this segment reveal a big, bright future ahead for the Indian mid sized cars . No wonder, the
manufacturers of mid sized cars are seizing upon the opportunity and coming up with one new mid sized car model after another.

Generally speaking, a mid sized car has six cylinder powerful engines. The specifications vary from one region to another with Europe insisting on a length of 4700 mm while in the US and Canada,it is more than 4800 mm long. In Europe mid sized cars are called " Large Family Cars " while the Australians term them as "Mid Sized Cars." Talking of the Indian mid sized car scene, some of the popular names include Ford Monedo, Tata Indigo, Hyundai Accent, Maruti Esteem, Opel Astra, Ford Ikon and the like.

The mid sized cars are one of the popular segments in the Indian car sector today. While the entry of Maruti Esteem led to the restructuring of the mid sized car segment followed by the entry of Hyundai's Accent, Opel's Astra and Ford's Ikon, an important development deserves to be illustrated. The customer got a new choice; a mid sized car provided a fine balance between the small car and a big car while taking care of the budget of the customer too.

In view of the usual requirements of a typical Indian household that needs more people to be accommodated in the car, a mid sized car gained immediate popularity. The increasing sale of the car models of this segment such as the Esteem, Indigo, Accent, Ikon and Astra is indicative of the development. The quality, fuel efficiency and interiors of the mid sized cars too have undergone significant changes that act as a positive pointer to the future of Indian car market. For more information on Mid Sized Cars please click on the following links:

Mid Sized Car in India
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