Maruti Suzuki Swift

If there is one car which has caught the imagination the Indians its got to be the swift, it would be an understatement to call the design contemporary as the car had made people turn their heads and competitors sit up and take notice.

The car comes fitted with a 1.3 liter All Altech 32 Engine Aluminum engine which can generate a power of about 87 BHP and can easily accommodate five adults. The car comes with state of the art security features making it one of the most secured cars in it class.

Things like collapsible steering, seat belts and highly crashworthy structure come as a part of the standard fitting and you would be able to get dual air bags and Anti Lock Braking system as worthy and useful options at an extra price.

It makes sense to have the car fitted with these security features as the car can generate speed up to 165 kilometers per hour.

Swift comes in three variants with Swift Lxi being the base model followed by the Swift Vxi and the top of the line Swift Zxi which comes loaded with all the goodies. The car is available in eight different colors to suit the colorful needs of a large number of people.

The car is provided with five speed gears and has a turning radius of 4.7 meters thus driving the car is a pleasure on the crowded Indian roads where you are always jostling for space.The car is path breaking in terms of the designing concept that it uses and can easily be called the most styling car in the compact car segment and provides a great thrill while driving.

However the over popularity of the car has become a disadvantage for the company as there is often a waiting period associated with the car.

This has provided an opportunity for its competition to sneak through the back door, something that the company should have beaten hands down.