Maruti Cervo

With the determined goals to introduce modern and sleek looking cars in India, Maruti Cervo is another soon to be launched car. Undaunted by the success of Maruti Swift and SX4, Maruti is all set to aggressively launch Maruti Cervo. Already under production in Japan, people are eagerly waiting for Maruti Splash as well as Maruti Cervo. Maruti Cervo is another compact car, which is all set to overtake Alto, is powered with a 660 cc petrol engine. The one- liter engine capacity will thus yield 60-65 bhp power in the front.

It is speculated that Maruti may tie up Nissan in providing them with a 660 cc engine. The aero dynamism of Cervo will reflected by its arching roofline, the headlights located on the high and squat hood which will be large and slanted. The rear of the Car will also be appealing due to the presence of large lamps.

Cervo is five door car, with an extremely sleek look, at an economical price. There are so many speculations and predictions in the air that Maruti Cervo will be the fastest and the most selling car once it is launched in India. It looks like a smaller version of Honda Fit. The windows are precisely covered and the lines and cuts are also neatly defined. The Interiors of the car are designed similar to those of Maruti Swift. The side air vents seem to be slight uneven, with the usual nothing special dashboard for car control.

The rear seats can accommodate 2 comfortably but not three. Another thing to bear in mind is the front space has lot of storage space compared to the rear. The boot is capacitated to store daily shopping bags.

The international version of the Cervo flaunts air bags will be an optional accessory. In the foreign version one can get front semi bucket seats, 4 speed auto gearbox, a K6A DOHC engine with WT, Bluetooth capability. Maruti Cervo will be a prized car for the younger generation and the ladies. With a sporty look, classy interiors and sleek exteriors, Maruti Cervo will definitely create waves in the Indian automobile market.