Ford Motors

Ford Motors is one of the oldest car manufacturing companies of the world. They completed their official 100th anniversary in 2003. They are the ones who had revolutionized the American Car manufacturing industry. Right now there are almost 350,000 employees working for them and they are spread over almost 200 markets in six continents. Their headquarters are located at Dearborn, Michigan. Their brands worldwide include Aston Martin, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury and Volvo. Ford Motors India started their operations in India in the 90's and since then they have created a market for themselves.

About Ford Motors

Ford Motor Company Chairman and CEO William Clay Ford Jr. is of the opinion that India is a very prospective market and that investing in this market at this particular time will be highly beneficial for them. When, Mr. Ford was in New Delhi for the launch of their new offering, Ford Fiesta. He spoke about his plans of further investments in India.

However, he did not mention any particular figure for that matter. When asked about the financial problems that his company was facing in the US, he reiterated by saying that his company has enough money for investments in India.

He added by saying that Ford Motors is a profitable organization and that they are looking into the problems of the US operations. And would definitely come up with some kind of a solution very quickly. He further said that investing in a growing market like India would actually help his organization to improve their market condition in the United States. He also said that as his company is a family company, they take a very long view of things. However, according to him, India tops his priority list. He believes that the sales of Ford Fiesta will be very high in India and that in general would also increase their sales comparatively. Currently, Ford's bestseller in the market is Ford Ikon. Ford SUVs have always been on the top of the wishlists of the consumers in the world and India also doesn't lag far behind. Ford Motors' car are very popular in among various groups of people. Various new Ford dealers as well as old Ford dealers have contributed well in the expansion of its customer base.

Ford Cars

Ford Cars is a big name in the automobile industry. It has a number of car models rolled up in the market including luxury cars. If the buyers can't afford to buy new Ford cars then they can go for used cars. There are a number of car owners that are interested to sell car. They can go for rental cars, new car or even used cars. To search for Ford Motor's used cars is quite easy. There are car dealers and car websites that offers ample information that helps to sell a car at fair prices.