Fiat Uno

Fiat cars are known for their high performance delivering engine and excellent exterior design. Fiat has come up with a number of models in the segment of mid size cars that cater to the need and demand of the Indian car consumers. Fiat Uno is one such model belonging to the category of mid size cars, which is adorned with numerous comfort features. Fiat Uno is also known for its fantastic safety features that include child safety locks at the rear door, adjustable seat belts, advanced braking system and many more. In India, Fiat Uno is available in both diesel and petrol options.

The petrol version of Fiat Uno comes with a 4 stroke petrol engine that has got piston displacement of about 999 cc. The fully integrated robotized engine of Fiat Uno delivers a power of about 45 bhp @ 5500 rpm and generates a maximum torque of about 7.2 kgm @ 3500 rpm. The transmission system of Fiat Uno has 5 forward gears with all synchromesh and 1 reverse gear. The front suspension of the vehicle has independent McPherson strut and the rear suspension has coil springs, double acting shock absorbers along with torsion bar as well as longitudinal tubular strut and transverse link.

Fiat Uno has a rack and pinion and turning radius of 4.7 m. The mid size car has got power assisted hydraulic brakes that are split diagonally. Fiat Uno comes with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. The overall length, width and height of Fiat Uno is about 3689 mm, 1558 mm and 1430 mm respectively. The vehicle has got ground clearance of 180 mm and wheelbase of 2362 mm. Fiat Uno also comes with 145/80 R13 radial tires.

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