Fiat Petra

Over the last few years various foreign car manufacturers have come in a big way in India. Fiat is one of the forefront runners in the field of Indian automotive industry . Although you will get to see umpteen mid size cars on the Indian roads but there are only few models that can be relied upon to ensure comfortable riding experience. Built with innovative technology, Fiat Petra is one of those rarest mid size cars that can provide you all the desired comfort and luxury. Fiat Petra is not only loaded with a number of fantastic features but is also designed with incredible style and elegance. In India, Fiat Petra is available in the following variants:

Fiat Petra 1.6 EL PS, Fiat Petra 1.6 ELX PS, Fiat Petra 1.9 EL PS and Fiat Petra 1.9 ELX PS .

Fiat Petra 1.6 EL PS comes with a 1596 cc engine that delivers a power of about 101 bhp and generates a maximum torque of about 137 Nm. Fiat Petra has a 1910 cc engine that delivers a maximum power of 63 bhp and generates a torque of about 120 Nm. All the variants of Fiat Petra have dual diagonally split and servo assisted hydraulic braking system. The car has got ventilated disc brakes at the front and self adjustable drum brakes at the rear. The transmission system of Fiat Petra has 5 speed forward gears with all synchromesh and 1 reverse gear.
Fiat Petra 1.6 ELPS is one of the popular variants of Fiat Petra that comes with ground clearance of 170 mm and wheelbase of 2373 mm. The overall length, width and height of Fiat Petra is about 4113 mm, 1620 mm and 1455 mm respectively. The kerb weight of the vehicle is about 1100 kg and it has a minimum turning radius of 5.2 m. The car comes with boot space of about 500 liters and fuel tank capacity of 47 liters.

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