Fiat Uno

This machine from Fiat is a robust one and it lets you own the road, it is adorned by scratch resistant matt black bumpers and is provided with engraved black door handles. To add to the protection you have a bull bar with protected fog lamps to provide you that extra visibility in one of those foggy winter mornings. As you open the hood you discover the engine which powers the brute, it is a 1.6 liter 4 valves DOHC engine that can rake in up to 100 PS.If you thought that Fiat Adventure Sport is a rough and tough vehicle without a touch of glamour and comfort then take a take a break as this car provides you that luxury, you have a metallic dashboard which puts everything to your use with in your reach.The power steering which comes as a standard with this car helps you maneuver through the crowded streets.

The air-condition has a dual purpose it lets you chill when the heat is on during the unbearable summers and while you are driving up the hills and mountains, the heater will help you drive the chill away.

The car has state of the art safety features like the brakes which can bring you to a halt without jolting your nerves. The car has an amazing ground clearance and can take everything in its stride so you can take the car wherever you like and at your will.

It has a fire prevention system which will prevent any fire related mishaps and has features in place which will protect the passengers in the eventuality of a crash.

All in all this is one car which can tackle the proper roads and the off roads with equal ease.