Driving License Test

In order to become a bona fide driver and to get permission for driving on the roads, one needs to obtain a driving license. Driving License is more of a legal document which gives the official permission to a person to legally drive a vehicle on the roads. However, in order to secure that, you need to clear a driving license test which is based on a test drive and some questions on general traffic rules and regulations. All those individuals who are engaged in driving commercial vehicles must appear for and subsequently clear the driving license test.

Usually, there are three types of tests which are conducted for approving a Commercial Driving License (CDL).These are as follows:

1) Pre-Trip Information Test

2) Basic Control Skill Test

3) Road Test

The pre-trip information test is conducted to test the driver's knowledge regarding driving safety of a vehicle. From this test, one will get to know whether you know that a particular vehicle is safe to drive or not. In course of the test her, the usual questions are asked like which aspects of the car should be examined before starting a trip and the underlying reasons behind the said choice.

Next is the basic control test. This test primarily aims at exploring your skills in vehicular control. Here you need to channelize forward, backward and turning activities in performance before an examiner. However, if the examiner finds that you are not totally aware about these movements, he will help you out by explaining the same. You will be given points in this test based on your performance.

Lastly, there is the road test which is a rating of your safe driving capabilities in specific on-the-road situations. Usually, this test consists of specific driving activities like turning, combining with the traffic, changing of tracks and lanes and most importantly speed controlling capability along the entire length of your journey. You will be rated in this round depending upon your performance in these practical yet common on-road activities. In this round, special emphasis is given upon adequate knowledge of traffic rules and signals. Based on your aggregate score in these three tests, the examiners and the other authorities will decide upon your eligibility for obtaining the driving license.