Car Dealers in Tamil Nadu

The automobile industry among other things has taken off in a big way in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu.
Most big car makers in the country like Hyundai and Ford have their presence in this state.

There have been various reasons for the sector to develop the way its has in the recent years. Politicians across all parties have had a role to play in the development of the state into an automobile hub.

Today the place can arguably called the Detroit of the South; only one other state up North Haryana can match the prowess that Tamil Nadu has shown in the recent years in the automobile sector.
The state not only Manufacturer cars but it also churns out high quality automobile equipments and auto components. Things have come to such an extent that tires for the luxurious Rolls Royce cars are manufactured from the MRF factory in Tamil Nadu.

The state is not only a manufacturing hub for light motor vehicles but it also Manufacturer heavy commercial vehicles like trucks and buses.

It all happened due to the efforts of former president R.Venkatraman the then minister of industries in the state along with the Chief Minister K.Kamaraj, who were able to persuade Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru to allot the heavy vehicles factory to Avadi as well as the truck manufacturing facility Ashok Leyland to the state.

The next thing that happened which gave a big shot in the arm is when Tamil Nadu piped other states like Maharashtra to persuade Ford Motors of USA to set up a factory in Chengalpet 40 kilometers from Chennai.

The state has never looked back from there and today Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is the base for nearly 48% of auto component industry and 29% of the vehicle industry.

In addition to this the state has become a preferred destination for several IT companies and this has changed the lifestyle of the people in the state immensely, making cars an integral part of the social milieu.

So if you are in Tamil Nadu look no further as we will provide you with the names of all the major car dealers in the state.