Maruti Insurance

Maruti Insurance is one of the most renowned car insurance companies in India. The company has ties up with Bajaj Allianz, National Insurance Company, Royal Sundaram, and New India Assurance. Car insurance policy of Maruti Insurance is a single solution to all your car insurance needs, which may include instant policy issuance to post accident repairs on near cash-less basis. furnishes detailed information on Maruti Insurance.

The Basics Features of Maruti Insurance:

Car insurance under Maruti Insurance has a few basic features. furnishes detailed information on Maruti Insurance.

  • Maruti provides motor insurance for Maruti vehicles only, which excludes Third Party policies.
  • Maruti Insurance is available to customers only through Maruti dealer network all over India.
  • Maruti Insurance provides insurance for Maruti vehicles up to 7 years old. One of the biggest plus points of insuring under Maruti Insurance, the vehicle can remain under cover as long as it lasts.

Advantages of insuring with Maruti Insurance: Maruti Insurance offers a number of advantages, which contributes to its immense popularity. furnishes detailed information on Maruti Insurance.

Some of the advantages of signing up with Maruti Insurance are:

  • The vehicle owners do not have to pay the repair charges. They have to pay for the compulsory excess and applicable depreciation only.
  • Maruti Insurance offers its policy holders insurance services, at all Maruti authorized dealer all over India. These insurance services may include buying new policy, endorsements issuance, claims settlement, and effecting renewals.
  • The auto insurance offers a hassle-free and fair claim settlement. The company pays for payable and the customer does not have to bear the cost of repair or replacement of auto parts. He or she does not have to go through the hassles of personal involvement or follow up with surveyors or insurance companies.
  • One the customer insures with Maruti Insurance, he or she can get the damaged vehicles repaired at authorized Maruti dealer workshops where they can absolutely sure of Maruti Genuine spare parts and trained technicians.
  • When a policy holder is renewing with Maruti Insurance for the first time, the no claim bonus (NCB) is transferred to Maruti Insurance policy at the time of renewal, automatically. The policy is issued instantly through the Internet, making it more convenient for you.