Automobile Association

Automobile Association is an organization of people who own automobiles of any kind. Even, automobile manufacturing companies have automobile Associations as well. There are various functions of these automobile Associations and there are various different automobile Associations as well. The following are some of the most important functions of automobile Associations:

  • Automobile Associations provide breakdown services and towing services.
  • They assist their members on issues related to taxes.
  • They assist members and their family members for the application and renewal of driving licence.
  • They also appoint qualified people for surveying purposes.
  • They assist their members regarding matters of insurance and their renewal as well. They also assist them to secure insurance discounts.
  • Almost all automobile Associations have reciprocal memberships with other associations. That is beneficial to the members.
  • They also provide distance certificates for very nominal fees.
  • The members also receive useful and latest information about vehicles and its related matters through the magazines circulated by the automobile Associations.
  • automobile Associations provides legal help to its members as well.
  • They also voluntarily provide several useful services to the various government departments like the police, customs, transport departments etc.
    The different automobile Associations of India are as follows:
  • Western India automobile Association (WIAA)

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