Auto Warranty

Earlier, auto warranty meant a replacement of some defective parts from the car within a certain time limit or number of kilometers run by it. This was known as the bumper to bumper warranty and it did not encompass the car accessories like Audio systems, tires, and batteries.

Now, with the entire automobile industry caught up in the grip of competition, the launchings of newer and attractive models are followed by freebies that also include attractive auto warranties.

Extended Warranty is one of the Auto warranty services offered by automobile companies. As its name suggests, Extended Warranty extends the service period of the car by one or two years. A vehicle can wait for not more than 10 months from its date of purchase before opting for the warranty.

Total Maintenance Plan was introduced by Ford India. Under this warranty, a car was entitled to total maintenance at a price as cheap as Re.39 per kilometer for three years.

This scheme is popular, firstly owing to cheap maintenance and secondly because it ensures a good resale value of the car. Apart from this, the warranty also offers non-scheduled maintenance, which covers replacement of brakes, clutch, wiper rubber etc. A second hand buyer too is entitled to the Total Maintenance Plan.

The warranty period of international brands like Hyundai, Toyota, General Motors are much more. provides information on auto warranty and other aspects of automobiles in India.