Auto Trader

Literally speaking, an auto trader means either an individual or a company which is involved in trading of automobiles. Such a person can be an automobile trader in the business of cars or two-wheelers or an auto truck trader. In some of the rare occasions, even a third party is involved in such trading activity. These auto traders primarily deal with several types of vehicles like cars (almost all types of them), jeeps, vans, buses, trucks and other available vehicular forms. However, in recent times a new trend is emerging and we get to see major auto traders who specialize in the trading of a particular vehicle only.

These automobile traders are often termed as "Solution Provider" by their customers. They are known to have come up with solutions against almost all sorts of problems relating to automobiles.

Their main offerings include car registration, car insurance, hazard-free automobile licensing, and tax payment for cars. Most importantly, all these facilities are available at the same place, mostly at no extra cost.

They are also instrumental in providing relevant automobile information to their customers. Some of the auto traders are directly authorized by the company in the trading of their automobile accessories. They have direct association with their parent company through which they can procure and supply the original auto accessories while others can only claim to do so. Moreover, with authorized traders the availability of the latest models of vehicles and their accessories become a much smooth and systematic affair.

Apart from these original branded distributors, you also have the third party auto traders at your service. They are known to stock all possible forms of automobiles under a single roof. They also provide other automobile related amenities like registration, insurance, spot financing. But these traders are not authorized by any company though they have their trade license. The advantage of purchasing an automobile from an auto trader is that the customer has a good selection of brands. auto traders offer vehicles and accessories of all the popular brands which are saleable in the market. However, the main drawback associated with these third party traders is that the more often than not their offerings fail to fulfill legal requirements.

Apart from these two types of players, there are several other auto traders who deal with used automobiles. They are known for selling as well as purchasing of used automobiles. They also do not limit their offerings to a single brand but offer vehicles of all popular brands. However, their popularity among the consumers is less as compared to that of authorized first hand auto traders and even third party traders.
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