Auto Servicing

Servicing is an important part of the automobile industry, many people while choosing their automobiles keep the after sales and service factor in their minds.

When you car requires that extra bit of care then its imperative to take the car to a service station and pamper your vehicle.Many people simply overlook the fact that their cars have to be serviced at regular intervals; they would just tuck way the Car manual , mistaking it for just another unnecessary add on with the car.Those who are a little conscious would get their cars' engine oil and filters changed at that road side garage or a simple service station near by.

Some would just leave their chauffeurs to do the job for them. Such an act is harmful for the car in the long run as a vehicle is a complex system and it requires proper maintenance in accordance to the procedure which is mentioned in the manual.

Many people are so dependant on their vehicles that they would not simply leave their cars, just for a day even for it to be serviced. Most companies are trying to solve the problem with free pick up and delivery of the cars.

In fact Toyota Kirloskar has tried to address the problem by introducing a new concept in car servicing which is called Express Service, which reduces the existing time take to service the car from one day to one hour, thus setting new industry bench mark.

Thus servicing is getting friendlier and convenient with every passing day, and car owners should get their cars serviced from authorized service stations only because they will have the sophisticated equipments which are just right for the car. Something the neighborhood mechanic can never dream of.

Here is a list of jobs which are done in a routine or paid service

  • Under chassis, engine and body wash/shampoo which is essential for removing the dirt and dust particles which have caught on to the car due to regular usage.
  • Interior cleaning and vacuuming removes dust from seat covers and the interior of the car.
  • Body wax polish and dash board/bumpers polish gives that extra shine to the car to make it stand out from the crowd
  • Engine tuning, including spark Plugs' cleaning/gap adjustment/replacement if due, distributor points'/condenser cleaning/adjustment/replacement, air filter cleaning/replacement, fuel filter replacement, carburetor adjustment, ignition timing reset. All these adjustments are required to keep that car running in that perfect condition
  • Wheel rotation/tire pressure check is required for vehicle safety.
  • Brakes' service and adjustments (MUL Omni) and Hand Brake adjustment, if required.
  • Engine/Gear Box Oil, Filter, Coolant, change/top-up. Brake fluid top-up to maintain these important body parts of the vehicle in that perfect condition
  • All electrical checks/bulb replacement, wherever required as electrical connections are essential for the safety and smooth running of the car.
  • Battery distilled water/windscreen washer bottle top-up, these things are required to lengthen the battery life and clean the windscreen when required.
  • Various control cables' adjustment.
  • Body rattles/suspension fasteners check/adjustment.
  • Road Test to determine the condition of the car
  • Report on Items requiring Owner's Attention, for immediate or future action