Automobile Air Conditioning

Automobile air conditioning ushered a revolution in the automobile sector, redefining the benchmark of luxury cars. Introduced in the 1940s,Automobile air conditioning has gained so much popularity that environmentalists, concerned about the depleting ozone layer, are demanding if not its ban then at least a limit on its production.

The different components that make up the automobile air conditioning are-


Referred to as the 'heart' of the air conditioners, compressor compresses and then transfers the refrigerant gas. It has two sides, which serve the function of suction and pump. The suction takes in air from the Evaporator, while the pump sends it to the condenser.

  • Condenser

It is here the air is dissipated. Designed like a car radiator, a condenser does not perform a function obverse to the former. Hot air is cooled in the condenser.

  • Evaporator

Evaporator functions as the site where heat is absorbed from the vehicle. The optimum temperature for the evaporator is 0 degree centigrade.

  • Pressure Regulating Devices

These are mostly different types of devices, mostly tubes that help to regulate the flow of refrigerant air into and out of the compressor. provides information on automobile air conditioning and other aspects of automobiles in India.