Auto Expo 2008

Auto Expo, the 9 th Auto Expo was held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, from 10-17 January 2008. Auto Expo, Asia's largest automotive show was not just the platform for the automobile giants where they got the chance to come together and exhibit their products under one roof but it was a feast for vehicle consumers and car lovers as well.Started in 1986, this year, Auto Expo 2008 saw the participation of more than 2000 exhibitors. The biennial event attracted automobile manufacturers, companies and business delegations from more than 25 countries,
including Japan Malaysia, the US, Canada, the UK, Taiwan, Germany, France, Brazil, Italy and Korea. The Auto Show generated more than twenty thousand crore of rupees business.

A number of cars were unveiled at the just concluded Auto Expo. But the center of attraction of the show was a wide range of small cars. The cars unveiled at the show included Tata Nano, Honda Jazz, Suzuki A-Star, Suzuki Splash, New Chevrolet Aveo, Skoda Fabia, Indica diesel, Fiat Grande, Punto, Palio Diesel, Mahindra Renault Sandero.

But much- touted Tata Nano and Honda Jazz stole the show.

The Nano is the car for which the whole of India and the world have been waiting for. Some call Tata Nano, the People's Car others name it the Wonder Car. For some, it is the revolution, for others it is the real achievement. And the cost of the car is one lakh rupees (excluding taxes).

The Nano has been designed keeping in mind Indian families riding on two-wheelers -- the father driving the scooter with a kid standing in front, wife as pillion rider holding a little baby. This is the whole idea that inspired Ratan Tata to come out with a safe, comfortable, affordable, all-weather car for a family like this one.

Critiques are seeing Tata's step as doing something similar to what Henry Ford did with his Model T. Instead of waiting for the more of the population to reach an economical level where they can buy and afford a car, he has reinvented it. But Tata has realized a dream, which global carmakers had said was an impossible dream - a car that meets the global safety norms and emission standards with an affordable price.

Whatever it is, Tata has certainly revolutionized the small car market and the whole world is eagerly waiting for the launch of the Nano.