Premier Auto

Premier Auto was founded in 1944 and manufactured Chrysler Corporation vehicles. Premier Auto manufactured cars under different names like Dodge, Plymouth and DeSoto.

Premier Padmini, which is a reincarnation Fiat 1100 was one the most famous models of Premier Autos in India during the 1990s.

Premier Auto flourished at the time when the craze of globalization had not yet hit the quiet shores of India.

Premier Autos has been afflicted by many problems, some of which have been serious enough to threaten its very existence. Soon after India opened its doors to foreign automobile company, the Premier Autos' car models suddenly looked outdated and unfashionable. As a part of the modernization programme, Premier Autos tied up with Peugeot. The partnership had an early end due to problems arising out of labor irregularities.

The long-standing partnership with Fiat too ran into problems due to similar reasons. Undaunted, Premier Autos tried to make a comeback of sorts in November 2004, by launching a diesel van called Sigma. The van is mainly designed for the taxi segment and is modeled on Mitsubishi Varica of the 1980s. provides information on Premier Auto and other aspects of automobiles in India.