Auto Accessories

Car lovers will agree that while certain auto accessories serve as embellishments on their favorite vehicles, others offer the indispensable service of sustaining the vehicles' beauty and their longevity.

Auto accessories may be divided into two categories-

Interior Auto Accessories

Seat Covers

Seat covers help to keep the car seats clean and new, also a right selection of the seat covers enhance the décor of the car. Seat covers are available in various price ranges and one can choose from the large variety to suit one's predilection.

Car Perfumes

There are many who are quite justifiably unabashed about the money they spend on filling their cars with fragrance. Car perfumes are important since they give a unique personality to the car and also add to the feeling of being in a different space altogether. Car perfumes, like most other good perfumes, can be expensive but as always there are cheaper options available.

Car Mats/ Carpets

Car mats and carpets are useful in keeping the car floors clean, besides imparting a cozy feel to the car. Car mats and carpets are usually wash friendly and may be used for years.

Audio Systems

Audio systems are a must have in cars these days. Depending on the choice of the buyer, car Audio systems come in different price ranges and with varying abilities to play music. A careful and discerning ear is needed to select a good Audio system for cars.
Other than these there are interior mirrors that provide a view of the traffic behind and then there are UV Ray Shields that protect from the harmful rays of the sun and maintain the temperature in the car that is much lower than outside.

Exterior Car Accessories


Normally car has brake lights, fog lights, engine lights, floodlights and halogen lights. The quality and the performance of these lights are in the interest of the safety of the driver and his passengers.

Car covers

The weather has joined your neighbors in being jealous of your new car? The best way to perpetuate the envy and also beat the agents of weather such as sun, rain, dust is to get yourself a good car cover. car covers, to a great extent, prevent the ageing of cars and prolong its beauty.
A number of people like to project their cars as an extension of their creative selves and they do an amazing what not to prove their points. Thus various other accessories may be used to adorn the cars. provides information on Auto Accessories and other aspects of automobiles in India.

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