About Us

Automobile India ranks among the leading websites that cater to consumers looking to buy an automotive and provides comprehensive information on every aspect of the same. This site is an endeavor to help you find the car of your dreams; search for the right model, learn more about it, and make a purchase- all at the click of a mouse!

Automobile India, an e-venture initiated by Digital Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a web portal that operates with the primary goal of serving as an online platform where you can browse through different cars, read about their features and specifications, and if you like what you read, even contact your nearest dealer for a test drive- who knows, you might want to drive it home!

AMI serves as a comprehensive consumer guide that covers all important details pertaining to every possible automobile. Our team conducts in-depth market research on the latest and upcoming models about the pricing, performance, looks and future trends before putting forth these to you.

We lay stress on delivering quality and authentic information for the benefit of consumers. We help you to make the best automotive purchase within your own parameters.

At Automobile India, we have made it not just user-friendly but also user-interactive. If you are juggling in choice between two or more manufacturers/models, and can’t seem to make up your mind, let our on-site research come to your rescue. It is easy; you can do on your own and takes only a few clicks!

This website also stocks information about getting around automotive insurance and loans, something that every automobile owner needs to know about, but feels handicapped because of dearth of reliable information.

You can even locate the service centers of all automotive manufacturers in your city ahead of a visit. Stay updated with the latest in automobile industry through news and reviews.

Buying your dream car was never this easy. At Automobile India, we work towards a safe and happy drive for you!